Who is “Bobby?”

This is a question I get asked wherever I go around strangers.  My 2 year old, Jackson, has been calling me Bobby since he could talk.  It’s not like he can’t say Mommy – he has just named me “Bobby.”  It like a little pet name he has for me and I adore it!  So, I’ll answer that question for you. 

Bobby lives in a small town in Indiana with her 2 children concieved naturally (miraculously) after 3 years of fertility treatments and medications.  Jackson is a precosious 2 year old boy who knew his letters and numbers by sight, colors and shapes by the time he was 17 months old.  Alexandra (Alex) is a stubborned determined, cheerful 1 year old girl who always has a bow in her hair and a smile on her face.   She has a wonderful husband of almost 6 years who she met online through random chance and devine providence.  Two golden retrievers that she loves but whom she complains about a lot because they shed so bad.  She loves Lay’s Pickle Chips and is saddened that they stopped making them.  She listens to at least one podcast a day usually during the kids’ naps while cleaning house.  She hates mornings, being puked on, and power outages.  

Please comment, excuse me if I use horrible grammar, and add me to your blog roll.  I will add you to mine once I figure out what my blog roll is!  


One Response to Who is “Bobby?”

  1. SAHW says:

    Too cute…it wasn’t quite clicking in my mind at first, but I didn’t eventually guess that Bobby stood for Mommy…I met my DH online too! I’m praying that my story will resemble yours in outcome with kids too!

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